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Votizen is a voter network that makes civic participation simpler and more meaningful. The "antidote to politics as usual", Votizen's mission is to enable voters to interact directly with one another based on issues that matter to them personally.

Votizen was created by David Binetti, the co-founder of USA.gov (the official search engine for the United States of America).

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For press contacts, product, and other information, please visit the Votizen Web site at www.votizen.com.

The Roeder-Johnson Advisory Program:

Roeder-Johnson Corporation accepts a limited number of advisory clients each year, typically either public companies or very special start-ups, on the request of senior executives, or solely on the recommendation of the company's investors.

In this capacity, we work exclusively with senior executives to provide high-level, strategic counsel on longer-term communications issues, and, when needed, focus on special, near-term issues that are critical to the future of the company. In most cases, but not all, day-to-day communications and public relations issues are handled by the company itself, or an outside agency other than Roeder-Johnson.

The program is directed by , TEL: +1 650.802.1850 x301