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IconicTV is one of the pioneering entertainment companies focused on creating premium Over the Top video content. IconicTV is marrying the innovation and engagement in web video of the past decade and the business discipline of experienced media professionals to create new media experiences that meet the increasing consumer demand for high quality content and interactivity.

The challenge that IconicTV has taken on is to protect and build on new and breakthrough entertainment ideas while still creating successful businesses. The company believes that it is critical to have the flexibility and instincts to "break" traditional media rules while still building growing and sustainable businesses.

IconicTV was founded by Michael Hirschorn, who pioneered a variety of new types of content for VH1 and many other media outlets, and Larry Aidem, who ran the Sundance Channel and held senior positions at HBO and Showtime building new markets, channels, and businesses. IconicTV TV is initially launching three new YouTube channels over the calendar year 2012.

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For press contacts, product, and other information, please visit the IconicTV Web site at www.iconictv.com.

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Roeder-Johnson Corporation accepts a limited number of advisory clients each year, typically either public companies or very special start-ups, on the request of senior executives, or solely on the recommendation of the company's investors.

In this capacity, we work exclusively with senior executives to provide high-level, strategic counsel on longer-term communications issues, and, when needed, focus on special, near-term issues that are critical to the future of the company. In most cases, but not all, day-to-day communications and public relations issues are handled by the company itself, or an outside agency other than Roeder-Johnson.

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